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of Assisi
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Infant Baptism
Assist parents and families in preparing for the Rite of Baptism and guide them through the communal Baptism liturgy, which occurs during weekend Masses, usually four times per year.

Confirmation for Adults
Be part of a team that annually offers seven sessions to prepare adults for confirmation. These sessions provide an opportunity for people to ask questions, review our faith, and talk about the sacramento of confirmation.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)
Be part of a team that meets weekly four times per year, for six weeks, for informal discussion about our faith, and ends with a retreat and opportunity to participate in the Rite of Acceptance for those discerning God's call to take the next step in the RCIA process.

Serve as a catechist, helping to create a sense of community as you facilitate weekly "break-out sessions" during weekend Masses. Together, in the presence of the Spirit, our catechists help the group "break open the World" by reading and discussing the Gospel for that week. Everyone is invited to reflect on the gospel message and how it pertains to our lives.

Parish companions begin their walk with our catechumens as representatives of our parish. Companions attend the twice-monthly RCIA sessions and participate in RCIA rites during weekend Masses, particularly in Lent. Companions support and pray for those in RCIA and make a commitment to walk with them as they go through the RCIA program.