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of Assisi
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Contact: Beth White, Interim Director of Liturgy (916) 443-8084 x110 or

Altar Linen Ministries
Wash, dry, and iron linens used for our liturgical celebrations; pick up the linens from the sacristy on Sunday and return them the following weekend. (You will need to provide your own cleaning and ironing supplies.)

Bread Baking (For Eucharist) Ministers
Be part of an ancient tradition; help the community to experience Jesus' Real Presence in the Eucharist more richly; join a small team that gathers one Saturday morning a month in the Parish Center kitchen to bake the bread for our Eucharistic celebrations that weekend.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Serve the Eucharistic meal as Minister of either the Bread or Cup, acknowledge, through eye contact and reverent distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ, the presence of Christ in each person, join a team that serves the same weekend every month, be a sign of our communal pledge to serve one another, which Christ asked of us when he washed the feet of the disciples.

Funeral Planning
We provide assistance in planning Funerals, Memorial Services, Rosaries, and Vigils that reflect the rich liturgical tradition of the parish. During this challenging time, we help parishioners and their families select appropriate scriptural readings, prayers and music that have special significance for their family. We also arrange for musicians and vocalists, work with funeral homes and cemeteries, and provide support to the family and friends of those who have died.

Be part of a long line of oral tradition whose task it is to arouse a living faith, lift God's Word from the written page and give it life; proclaim God's Word to the community with conviction, passion, and transparent faith, and lead the assembly in prayer as they pray the Prayers of the Faithful. Lectors gather on the Monday evening before the weekend on which they are scheduled to serve, to break open the Word and to work on the skills necessary to be an effective proclaimer and leader of prayer.

Music Ministry
The first role of the choir member, cantor, and instrumentalist is to serve our faith community in their sung prayer. With our music, we unveil dimensions of prayer that are not present in mere words. St. Francis is a parish that takes great joy in the vast treasury of music for the Church. There are opportunities to serve at all our liturgies. Most rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings, and an hour before each liturgy.

Sacred Movement Ministers
Create movement and dance that will enhance the community's prayer and worship on Feast days; are visual prayer; inspire and motivate the community to participate more fully in whole body prayer; and attend all rehearsals.

Sound and Light Ministers
Set up all sound equipment used in the liturgy and check and replace batteries in the wireless microphones; set up the chairs, music stands, and lights for the music ministers; and take down and put away all equipment after the liturgy.

Ushers / Greeters
Create and maintain a climate of hospitality, conveying a warm welcome to each person; convey a spirit of reverence for God's House and God's People; are part of the worshipping community and model attentive participation; seat people and provide needed assistance; are the custodian of the church doors and windows; distribute song sheets and bulletins; assist with taking up the collection; and ready the church for the next liturgy.