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of Assisi
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Our liturgies are vibrant and welcoming, nurturing people's spirituality and deepening their faith. At St Francis, you will experience:

  • A warm greeting at the doors
  • Art and environment that nurtures our prayer
  • Freshly baked Eucharistic bread (weekend and holy day liturgies)
  • Simply but beautifully adorned altar and ambo
  • Special dramatic presentations of the Word
  • "Singable" and spirit-filled music
  • Committed use of inclusive language
  • Innovative incorporation of sacred movement
  • Challenging and affirming homilies
  • Dedicated service of well-trained ministers


Regular Mass Schedule



Mon-Weds-Fri 12:10pm in the Parish Center Courtyard
Sunday 7:30am in the Parish Center Courtyard, 9:30am in the Church
Holy Days As published

Note: Hearing-Impaired Devices are available

        Low gluten hosts are available
        Restrooms are located in the breezeway between the Church and the Friary


Mass Intentions
people holding hands To request a Mass Intention, please contact the parish office at (916) 443-8084 or

Hearing-Impaired Devices Available at all Masses on Saturday & Sunday
Personal hearing devices are available to assist those attending liturgies at St. Francis. If you would like to use one, please see an usher for assistance.

Low Gluten Hosts
We offer a low-gluten communion wafer at our weekend liturgies for those who observe a gluten free/low gluten diet due to medical reasons and are therefore unable to receive communion in the usual form of bread/wafers.

For Those Who Are Alcohol Intolerant
In 2003, the then Cardinal Ratzinger, as Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, issued a document stating that those who are alcohol intolerant (not only the priest presider at Mass, but also the lay faithful) may share in the fullness of the Eucharist. They may share not only in the Body of Christ, but also in the Blood of Christ, through the use of mustum (wine from which the alcohol has been removed).

In September 2015, Bishop Soto approved a request from our Pastor to distribute mustum, but on a trial basis, as it is a new practice in the Diocese of Sacramento. This cup is distributed next to the Extraordinary Minister of Communion who offers the Eucharist for those who are gluten intolerant (at the pillar to the right of the altar). Fr. Des asks that you let him know if you wish to receive from this cup, as that is one of the guidelines for the practice.

In line with our mission statement, St. Francis Parish is seeking to meet people where they are, responding to their pastoral needs, including rather than excluding those who are otherwise unable to fully share in the Eucharist for reasons of health and well-being.

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