Our Franciscan Legacy and Future

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In January 2016, following the Provincial Chapter of Franciscan friars, a meeting took place to develop new administration plans for the future. This included assignments of friars and ministerial endeavors.

Months prior to Chapter, I informed the former administration, or which I was part of, that I desired a change of ministry. I have been granted to be relieved of my ministry as pastor the first of June to be a missionary on the Camino de Santiago.

Fr. Sebastian will also be moving sometime this summer without a definite departure date at this time. His term as associate pastor for the past 3-1/2 years has come to an end and it is time for him to have another ministerial experience.

The Franciscan Friars have been at St. Francis for over 120 years. Much has happened for more than a century in proclaiming and living the spirit and love of St. Francis and St. Clare. If we have done our work, then that Franciscan Spirit is alive and well and will continue for many years to come through all of you.

The new provincial, Fr. David Gaa, and the Provincial Council, after much work, discussion, and prayer, have come to the sad realization there are no priests available to send to St. Francis as pastor of this wonderful community. There are simply no priests available.

Fr. David informed Bishop Soto of his very difficult decision two weeks ago. Bishop Soto desires to continue to have the Franciscan presence here. Thus, he is permitting the province to maintain the friary with Bro. Mark, Bro. John and Fr. Ray continuing to be part of this community with the possibility of other friars in the future. We also must remember of the presence of the Franciscan Sisters in various capacities that have contributed to this parish over the years and will continue in their own respective ministries.>

Bishop Soto has assured me that he and his personnel board are pursuing various possibilities to maintain the spirit, openness, hospitality of the parish for years to come. He will replace us with someone who will maintain our mission of evangelization to all people in a Franciscan Spirit. The exact transition time is unclear, but it will be sometime in June.

It is with great sadness, but at the same time with great hope, that something new is happening. We are an Easter People.

I will deeply miss the goodness and spirit of all of you.

Peace and blessings,
Fr. Ken Laverone, OFM

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