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Parish Council

About Our Parish Council
Our 15 Parish Council members are elected by members of our parish for a 3-year term. Elections are held annually. This dedicated group advises our pastor, and helps to shape and support the spiritual goals of our St. Francis Parish community, as articulated in our Parish Mission Statement.

More about our Parish Council:


Invitation to our Parish Council Meeting:

Your input is vital to our ability to advise our pastor in a way that truly reflects the needs and desires of our parish community. Please come to a Parish meeting or e-mail us at You are always welcome to add a topic of concern to our agenda, contribute to the discussions, or simply be present.

Bob Reid, Chair


2018-2019 Parish Council Members

St. Francis of Assisi Parish Council

(Top, left to right) Bob Reid, Darrin Greer, Margaret Healey, Jo Gonsalves, Janet Vitt
(Middle, left to right) Melba Hinojosa, Fred Bermudez, vacant, Francine Freitas, Dennis Mahoney
(Bottom, left to right)
Kent Meyers, vacant, Gary Myrick, Debbie Clingingsmith, Bob Lavelle


Parish Council Officers

Margaret Healey Darrin Greer Penny Tafoya
Bob Reid
Darrin Greer
Vice Chair
Janet Vitt



Liaison to the Buildings and Grounds Committee

Liaison to the Finance Council
Dennis Mahoney

Liaison to the School Advisory Commission
Fred Bermudez

Liaison to Parish Outreach
Margaret Healey

Liaison to Parish Faith Formation
Kent Meyers

Ad Hoc Committees  

Parish Council Membership
Darrin Greer

Motion of Sympathy: Sr. Claire Graham, SSS

Meeting Agenda amd Minutes

2018 Parish Council Meetings
February:   MinutesPDF icon
April:   MinutesPDF icon
June:   MinutesPDF icon
July: AgendaPDF icon MinutesPDF icon
September: AgendaPDF icon MinutesPDF icon
October: AgendaPDF icon  
2017 Parish Council Meetings
January: AgendaPDF icon  
February: AgendaPDF icon  
March: AgendaPDF icon MinutesPDF icon
May: AgendaPDF icon MinutesPDF icon
June: AgendaPDF icon MinutesPDF icon
July: AgendaPDF icon  

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